Monday, March 21, 2011

My Upcoming Running Events

27 March Globe Run For Home 2011
Sunday 21K
Reg fee 1050 but I availed of the 4 + 1 promo = 840
w/ Singlet, D-Tag, Race Bib, Runpix Analysis & Finishers Medal

Beneficiaries: Gawad Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity, Haribon Foundation and Viralaine Foundation

2 April The Hyundai Accent Run

5K for Jirbee & Kirbee
10k For me
Free Registration
Singlet, does it come with D-Tag??

Beneficiary: Hyundai obviously

10 April 2011 Baguio 21k
5K for Jirbee & Kirbee
21K for me
5K 500 Singlet & Shoe Timing Tag
21K 600
Singlet & Shoe Timing Tag

15 May Highlands Mizuno Fun Run Challenge
5K for Jirbee & Kirbee
15K for me
500 Flat Rate


22 May Greentennial Half Marathon or
21k for me
5k for Jirbee & Kirbee
Reg fee 500 flat rate
Brooks Run Happy
15k for me
5k for Jirbee & Kirbee
Reg Fee to be announced

11 June Mizuno Infinity Run
21k for me
Reg Fee 800

24 July Runfest
Reg fee TBA

25 September Camsur International Marathon
21k for me
Reg Fee

23 October Adidas KOTR
Reg fee 1050

just my prediction/estimate
18 December Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon
Reg Fee

Brooks Run Happy

It's on 22 May 2011 at 5am with 3k, 5k, 10, 15k category @ BGC ... oh no, what about Greentennial Run Half Marathon @ MOA with 3k, 5k, 10k, 16k 21k, reg fee still at 500

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Runrio 2011 Leg 1

I was all excited to use my garmin for the "real' 1st time since I lost all the settings I thought I made during the previous week's Edsa Run. Boy, the garmin really does work...

It boosted my self-esteem seeing how far I was from my virtual partner. I set it to finish at 2:20:00. First 15 km, I was running over 800m ahead of "him". The setback of the garmin though was that I knew I was gonna get my target and I let my tiredness conquer from the 16th til the finish and "he" was catching up. I especially hated the part where it was only 1km to go, there was a really big sign and I had an excuse to walk simply cause I was still 500m ahead "him". It as PR for me and I was sooooo happy. I almost underestimated myself coz I initially wanted to set it at 2:30:00.

The route was close to something new, I like the route that goes to Buendia not the usual BGC route that goes to Lawton near Mckinley which is always so polluted. This is my 3rd time to run through Buendia, the 1st being Greentennial, 2nd was for Condura Skyway and this.

I know of 3 other friends who had their PR for this, two of them I met at CIHM and we saw each other again at Greentennial and Condura ... and of course the other one, I always have a PR when I pace with him but he is just way too fast and I can't keep up with him ...

Over all RunRio was a good one

Reg Fee 850
Finish Time 2:17:20

A Family that Runs Together

I resolved to start the year by introducing my kids to running...

We were registered by my best friend Bench at Planet Sports in Cebu. I was for the 21k and my kids Jirbee, 11 and Kirbee who would be 10 by then were registered for the 5k.

I arrived in Cebu on 7 January and the run was scheduled for 9 January kicking off at the IT Park. Waterfront Lahug was then my chosen temporary residence.

This was my first 21k on road, but my second 21k overall, the first being Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon that included hills (i liked it), killer hills (would have liked it except that it ruins your running time) and trails.

Anyway, the kids were on their own for this race. They didn't want a chaperone with them insisting that they were old enough, so much for stressing "independence".

It was my first time to take the sights, sounds and smells of Cebu on foot. It was fun to be traversing those roads I used to drive by. Elevations were challenging... People were very supportive and you can feel the Sinulog spirit (one week to go before Sinulog).

I wasn't feeling any pain while running, I felt like I was taking all the time in the world. I blame it on the discomfort of the very hot and humid weather. Never again will I wear sleeved running top especially if it's to be in Cebu. I had to roll up my shirt and sleeves and took advantage of those showers and sponges. I appreciated this marshall who had to run with me showering me cool water with his sponge. Thanks for that Mr. marshall.

The run was well-organized by ASAP. Marshalls and hydration stations were of a fair ratio vis-a-vis the runners. I'd surely run in the Cebu City Marathon 2012 and this time donning a sports bra for my top.

I finished at 2:30:47
Jirbee, my little lady, finished @ 45:49, not bad for a first timer, 564th finisher out of 816 female runners
Kirbee, only 10 years old finished in 36:05, 412th out of 803 male runners

My kids always make me proud...

Finish Time 2:30:47
Reg Fee 21k 600 incl of New Balance Running Shirt and timing chip
Reg Fee 5k 500 incl of New Balance Running Shirt and timing chip
Race Date 9 Jan 2011

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Summit Water Camsur Marathon 2010 ... Race to Rebuild a Nation

This was my second running event. I excitedly looked forward to it since it will be happening out of town, in a place I have never been to. I did everything online for this. I registered online for the run as well as booked my hotel reservation through the event's website. My singlet arrived about a week later. I wouldn't be surprised that it's well organized, first, because Gov. Luis Ray Villafuerte, governor of the host province, is developing tourism in his place which is host to a lot of foreign productions and sports organizations and second, it was no less than Coach Rio de la Cruz who was the Race Director.

The last time I checked my watch it was almost 12 midnight and I had to wake up at around 3am to catch our shuttle to the Sports Complex which was at least a 40 minute ride away, broken in 2 segments (a small shuttle to take you to the pick up point).

It felt different taking that small shuttle that overtook the long line of public buses ... the highway at this time was closed to the public and only those who were participants of the marathon can pass through, it was like taking the bar exam all over again where we bar takers had special access.

At the sports complex you can see everyone getting so excited and all pumped up. We all decided to go to the start line to send of Amrhein who was running the 5k, their gun time was ahead of ours by 10 minutes. It was a good judgement to go with the 5k people since when it was all filtered out, us 10k runners, who were not yet called to the start line, ended up at the front row, well, at least almost, were it not for those celebrities of course who got special treatment and suddenly positioned themselves right in front of us (read Aga Muhlach and Iza Calzado). It was no big deal though since they were themselves running enthusiasts and not merely there to goof off. In fact I ran ahead of Aga, later on we ran side by side and he finally overtook me, grrrrrr, before the turn. I also remember Iza going back, while I was still on my way to the turn.... when I reached that point I thought, hey wait a minute I saw Iza a while back, gosh, she's really fast huh.

I enjoyed the scenery, the locals were on the road cheering. It felt good that strangers show their support. The route was well planned as it was just one full lap, not a repeated lap as it was during my first run since it affected my state of mind, i was too conscious of the fact that I was still far because it was just the beginning of the second lap and the idea alone felt tiring and frustrating.

I finished at 1:08:34.4. Congratulations to me. I won. I am running not against anyone but against myself.

It was time to check out the booths. Yes, we got the promised loot. The air was festive. Other celebrities in attendance were Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo-Garcia. There were Kenyan and Russian runners too and of course they bagged the winning spots. Why the hell do they run so fast? There was a contingent from Cebu with Yong Larrazabal who did the full marathon and wife Donna Cruz who did the half marathon. Both did pretty well, I'm proud of you Cebuanos (well, Donna should be a Cebuano at heart by now).

We checked out CWC, it was an amazing park. How I wish the kids were there to try wakeboarding. Aga, by now, was wakeboarding, he was a wakeboarding enthusiast too. Sadly, though, we had to leave since the clubhouse could not promise to hand out our orders within thirty minutes and I didn't want to get soaked under the sun or try out wakeboarding.

We took the shuttle back to the hotel and I rode together with some runners from Cebu. To my surprise, a friend of mine was also there and we were billeted in the same hotel. I felt a bit envious that they had a really big group that went out of town for the run, the camaraderie, the high spirits and all. I wish I had more friends who run ... or maybe I should start developing friendships with runners.

I can officially say that after Camsur, I am an event running addict.

I can't wait for the next Camsur Marathon on 25 September 2011.

Pre Summit Water Camsur Marathon 2010

We decided not to drive there since we would want to just relax during the 8 hour road trip. We took a de luxe bus from Penafrancia Tours. A bus dispatcher asked me, "tatakbo kayo ma'am?". Everyone there must be participants of the Camsur Marathon. I stepped inside the bus, wow, great chair, very spacious. Aircon was too cold but I was ready for that. I fell asleep one hou into the trip but woke up when it stopped at McDonalds around 1am (i got myself some fries and Coke zero) then sleeping lightly, saw what looked like a coastline, the next thing I know we were in Naga.

The accommodation we reserved, CBD Hotel was right across the bus terminal and SM City Naga. Very convenient. CBD staff was gracious enough to have us check in as early as 6am. The hotel was not bad, it had all the basics for a budget hotel.

We had breakfast at Biggs, took a city trip to the cathedrals, rested and had dinner at an unknown place (at least for me it was, they specialized in kambing) that had the best bicol express I have ever tasted. We decided to walk and explore the nearby area and chanced upon RED PLATTER with the tempting display of desserts. It later became our official restaurant.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corregidor International Half Marathon Registration Procedure

Race Registration Procedures:

1) After completing registration for the race (manual or on-line), beginning the following Monday, contact Sun Cruises at 8346857/8346858/5275555 loc 4511 0r 4512.

2) Indicate the desired trip schedule:

a) Overnight – departure on Dec 18 @ 8:30am (return trip to Manila is on Dec 19 via 2:30pm trip from Corregidor*)

b) Day trip – departure on Dec 19 @ 5:30am (return trip to Manila is Dec 19 via 5:30pm trip from Corregidor*)

c) Participants with non-competing companions (non-competing companions will have to pay Php2,000.00/person; no race pack will be provided to them) will have to take the Dec 18, 11:30am trip to Corregidor (return trip to Manila is on Dec 20, Monday, via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.

* for “a)” and “b)” indicate if attending the Solidarity & Victory Party on the night of December 19 to amend departure schedule to Monday, Dec 20 via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.

3) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by

Sun Cruises.

4) On Dec 4 or 11 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at ROX, attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. Ensure to bring the Acknowledgement Receipt issued during registration. No Acknowledgement Receipt, No Race Pack.

CHECK OUT Corregidor International Half Marathon